I know that I will go through this….

Although I face many stuggles which are totally beyond my imagination,

I believe I will go through this. No body can help and assist me, I am

the “ONLY” key to safe my self. i just feel lots of chaos…. for life, health, and lots of

bizzards stuffs. I am going to hate some body, because I know it is all my choice.

I dediced to go this way, but….. it’s time to change my attitude.

I want to survive; I want to be healthy, I want to leave happier than before.


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FeedBack for today’s lesson

Thanks for all the comments.

I know that I am really nervous. I think that I prepare well, but I just couldn’t control my nerve. I know there are still lots things for me to improve and learn, especially for the time managing, and activity arranging, and of course, the pronounciation. I will push myself, and keep improving, and hope that I will be better and better in the future.

I am looking forward to the teacher micro teaching exam this sunday in LeeShan Senior High.

 🙂 🙂 🙂

Microteaching Feedback Form


Teacher: Oscar


    Date:  2008. 6. 10       






Teaching materials: San-min Book 2 Unit 11


How did the teacher start the lesson? Did the teacher state the intended lesson objectives clearly? Did the teacher keep students informed of lesson procedures and activities in the beginning?



Remind students of the materials/textbooks they should have

Warm-up activity: Pray and think about environment/nature (brainstorm and Q&A)

Review the main idea of the lesson

Preview the reading



List of main learning activities in the time order. Identify the sequence (sub-activities) and mark the patterns of interaction in each learning activity.


¨          Sequencing (such as presentation, practice, production or pre-reading, while- reading, post reading)

Warm-up, preview the lesson, worksheet I (summary of the story, individual/pair), Worksheet II (pattern exercises, individual/pair), Activity III (paint the earth)

¨          Patterns of interaction (teacher-led /individual work / pair work / group work)
The lesson is a mix of teacher-led and student-centered approach, although the teacher tries to involved students in discussions.

¨         Pacing: time allocated to each learning activity; time management
The lesson goes smoothly.


How did the teacher end the lesson? Was there any evaluation of the lesson? Did the teacher give any summary of the lesson or assignment to the students?

Giving assignment in the end

Announcing the learning activities in the next session.

Feedback Qs

1.          Do you think the extra activity necessary?

2.          How do you find my micro-teaching? Is there anything I can do to improve it?


1.      Mind the pronunciation of the word “Character”

2.      I don’t quite follow the first activity in the warm-up part (protect environment: sympathy, consideration and cherishing)? Where does the idea come from? Is it a review activity?

3.      If I were you, I would use a map/chart and ask the students to look for the information on their own and fill in the information individually before guiding them to find what the story is about.

4.      When using the board, you might need to have a “map” in mind so as to keep the information organized.

5.      Pause a bit longer when you assign work to students. It all goes too fast.

6.      It’s very good that you always interact with students, giving them questions to think about.

7.      It’s good you integrate a previously-learned sentence pattern into the exercises in Worksheet II.

8.      The questions for “Painting Time” should be “What will the earth be like in 10 years.”


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Lesson Plan – Oscar Lien


UNIT 11 – The Long-Haired Spirit and The Tao


  50 minutes


Students’ Background Knowledge: After three lessons for the unit eleven, students could totally comprehend the meaning of the article, and could use idioms and vocabularies in the correct way.

From affective aspect, students could understand the importance of balance between human and the nature. 

Lesson Goal: This is the fourth class for Unit 11, and we will review the plot and the summary of the article together. There will be two working sheets for students. One is for the summary, and the other is for sentence practicing. After this lesson, students could

(1)   Complete the working sheet – summary with peers.

(2)   Share their feelings about protecting environment with peers.

(3)   Enhance their ability of organizing information.


(1)   working sheet (summary / Graphic Organizer)

(2)   working sheet (for home work)

(3)   Text book

The opening

(a) Introduce what we are going to teach today.


(b) Ask students’ feeling about environment protecting


(c) Ask students to express their feeling about this lesson


The Body

(a) Start to review Unit 11

 Working sheet I

(b) Teacher start to use graphic organizer to summarize the article, and ask students questions at the same time


(c) After finishing the summarizing, teacher would divide students into different groups



(d) Students start to discuss the working sheet, and complete the chart.

[Teacher walks around the class, and observe if any one has any problems.]


(e) After the discussing, teacher would ask the questions on the chart


(f) Deliver working sheet II for students and instruct the sentence pattern : would rather…. than….


Working sheet II

(g) Ask students to discuss the ways to protect environment by using the sentence pattern of “would rather… than…”


The Closure

(a) Give the students the assignment – paint the future earth.


(b) Summarize what we have learned today.








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Challenges Coming – The First Micro Teaching

      As the semester goes to the end, we are going to have the final challenges of micro teaching. Experience should be accumulated, and by observing our peers performance that we could elevate our ability and potential. I am that I still have to work harder to enhance and progress my English proficiency. Contrary to the peers from graduate school, their writing and speaking proficiency are the models that I need to learn and absorb. I am glad that we have such an exciting challenge in the end of the semester. In order to overcome this challenge, we have to control our anxiety and do 100% preparation of the lectures and materials. So, challenge ~! We are coming to confront you~!

     In today’s first micro teaching, lots teachers did their best to present the lesson, while some were nervous and anxious. I knew that all of them were willing to present the best part to every audience. I think that I am lucky, because I will present my lesson next week. Before my presentation, I have seen many different styles of lecturing and presenting, and I could absorb the advantages and avoid the shortcoming. Thanks for their first and brave demonstration for us. Among many teachings today, I am impressed by Grace and Kurt. I admire the diligence of Grace. No matter what kinds of assignment or task, she always releases 100% of her power and energy to finish her task. Today, grace also made the working sheet for us, and although her tone is serious and rigid, she puts the humorous parts in the material which make Pan and me laugh.  

     Although Kurt was late this morning, his performance was really energetic and brilliant~! Pam couldn’t stop laughing when Kurt raised some humorous examples. He will be a creative teacher in the future, I believe. Because form his presentation that we all could see this lesson was not monotone any more, but there are lots of elements in this lesson, such as, group competing, interaction with students and sentence practicing. The most impressed was that although many elements were in the lesson, we still could see the focus of the lesson. Kurt did the review and summary of the lesson by graphic organizer. When there is laughing on the class, it means the lesson is really successful. Congratulations ~! Kurt.
    Besides the performance of Grace and Kurt, I also learn some experience form Leo, Stanley, Shella, Samantha, and Marylin. Some of them use visual aids and hand outs, and others use traditional way to explain the grammar. They also have advantages. But Alice mentioned the important point today – We have to put the focus on one part in twenty minutes, or our audience or students would get lost in the lesson. When students couldn’t find the focus and the point, they may lose the motivation to continue to listen the lessons.
Hope I could have good luck next wewk

PEACE & LOVE    Oscar


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The Power of Technology

      Technology is an attitude of life, and it reflects what contemporary people need and want. When technoly combines with creativity andinspiration, it will explode amazing effects. Today Iam going to introduce you a brand new creature on the internet. 



You would like to have a pet, but you wouldn’t want to bother your roommate. You want to have a pet, but you are afraid and tierd of cleaning. You are willing to have a pet; however, you don’t have much time to take care of it. Now ~! You don’t have to worry about these trivials, because the birth of visual pets will make your dreams come true.

      No matter what kinds of animals you want to adopt – puppy, kitty, bonny, or even elephant, you could collect them on your web-site or blog. The most interesting part of this vusual pets is that you could choose different foods to feedthem, and they will walk around in your blog. Moreover, sometimes they will sing for you. Thanks for the crativity invention of these internet program, we could relieve our daily pressure and have great fun with these small tiny visual pets. This kind of cration is convenient for the poeple who couldn’t have pets in their houses. If you are interested in this cute animals, you could click the site below, and adopt your own pet. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  http://bunnyherolabs.com/adopt/  (Enjoy~!)

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Hope… for love and peace

    I just couldn’t stop my tears…. when I first saw the news of earthquake

 in Mainland China.  We just couldn’t do any helps for them, and as the death rate is increasing everyday, I just feel sad and disappointed. Last Sunday, TV station held a donation, hoping that all Taiwanese could express our love oversea to China, help them to restore their family and homeland…

Sometimes, I feel that I always live in  love and warm cares, and I should feel contented andcherish what I have.                                                                       Love & Peace


Hand in Hand to go through the pains

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The Second Class observation in Li-Shan Senior High

– More energy and more Inspiration I got from the Observation –



This is the second time that we have class observation in this semester. I understand that it is the final stage of educational program. Tuesday morning, contrary to the last raining observation, it was a sunny day, and I was really excited to visit Li Shan Senior High School. I have never been to Li Shan Senior High School, so I didn’t know the exactly position of it in Taipei city. Kurt, Pam, Sam and I almost got lost. Luckily, we met Jamie on the way to Li Shan, so she led us to there.


   My first impression to Li Shan Senior High School is beautiful, fresh, huge, and energetic. Everyone is passionate, no matter students or teachers. Alice reminded us that the design of the campus is just like a maze, so we may get lost in the campus, if we didn’t ask others directions. At first, I thought Alice was exaggerating, but she wasn’t. The campus was really too huge to identify the directions.


The First English Class Observation – 109


Whole Language Leaning


   I was really impressed by the whole language learning in Li Shan Senior High. In order to make students learn under the English speaking circumstances, all English teachers here have to conduct their lesson in English. In Taiwan, this is not a east task for teachers, because some teachers do not have correct and pure accent and they are afraid that students may not understand. However, the English teachers in Li Shan are with excellent speaking ability and not only their pronunciation, but intonation is so great to make me astonish. This July, I will become student teacher in 復興實驗中小學,and the teachers here also conduct their lesson not only in English class, but other subjects, such as science and history. Of course that is a challenge for me, but I will not be afraid. Alice used to say on the class that “all we – teachers have to do is to progress and update everyday.”


   Today, we had two class observations. The first class was 109, conducted by Miss , and another class is 209, conducted by Miss. First of all, I would like to share my reflection about class 109. Because of the progressing of technology, we could see lots computers, DVD players, and soft wares are increasingly updating. More and more teachers are implementing technologies into their teaching. Sometimes, this brand new way of teaching also creates more imaginations and creativities for students. In class 109, I saw that Miss combined technology with authentic materials. By playing the video of discovery that teacher use the daily materials to arouse students’ learning interest.


   In the beginning of the class, teacher also raised the example of the mystery legend of China and Egypt. Some students were familiar to these legends, so they were excited to answer the questions; however, some were still shy to speak out.

In class 109, I saw the interaction between the teacher and students. Because this was the language class, communication played important role and by speaking English, students not only trained their reading, but speaking and listening.


   The lesson went smoothly; however, some students seem not to get involved into the class. Teacher worked hard to have conversation with students, but some students were not willing to open their mouths. Maybe this is the shortcoming of whole language class. Although now, whole language teaching is a trend in Taiwan, however, the unequal leaning baseline is still a problem for students to learn. Some students who have great baseline on English will like to speak out, while some who don’t learn well will be shy to speak, and there is also a problem of language ego. Some students would be afraid of making errors, so they would rather keep silence than make errors. In this case, I think that teacher could encourage students not to be afraid of making errors, because they have to know this is just the process. 






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