Unit Seven – Students Interactional Pattern [video & reflection]

      When Kurt and I first discussed about the sketch of the presentation, we were really excited because this lesson – Interactional Patterns, because Kurt mentioned that we could use new way to present our lesson. In the previous weeks that most of our classmates used Power Point to to present the lesson; and this time we wouldn’t use power point but we will use video, poster, and stickers to perform. I really enjoyed in the preparation of the presentation, from the recording the video to editing the video and adding substitution. There was the motivation in my mind and I thought a good presentation didn’t need to cost lots time, but it could make its audience enjoy and really participate in the activites. I was really glad that I could have such a good partner like Kurt who is really creative. He always raises lots amazing and brilliant ideas. 

(This is the sample of the magnets)

    Kurt suggested that we could use video to make our presentation more interesting and clearly, and I suggested that by using magnets, our classmates could have more interaction wuth us. Since this  presentation was related to interaction, we thought many ways to enhance our communications as many as possible. To our amazement that our classmates were energetic and paasionate that they has great interaction when we had actibity one. Kurt asked volunteer from each group to show the ideal clasrrom seats arrangments by moving magnets. We heard lots creative responds from our classmates, and by this activity, we could that classmates really have actual interaction on the class, rather than sitting there and listening lectures.    

    In the third part of the presentation, we used demonstration video to help our classmates have further understanding about students interactional patterns, and I thought the video was really successful because when I saw the facial expression of our classmates, I was relieved. They were excited, happy, and enjoyable about the video. Thanks for the advice of Kurt that we could enhance our interaction by this video. In the futuire, technology implement on teaching will be more and more important. Sometimes, by these technolies, students could enhance their learning motivation, and teachers could have more alternatives and changes in thier teaching. However, it also has shortcoming for time consuming and the fixing problem. I still remenbered when the teacher from 復興實驗中小學 gave us speech, there were some problems about her CD, so she could use the power point. It may cause much time on fixing it, and teacher will not habe enough time on her teaching.


                                            This is the video of Unit Seven – and I put it on the Youtube

                                            Hope you could enjoy it  🙂 🙂 🙂



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