The Second Class observation in Li-Shan Senior High

– More energy and more Inspiration I got from the Observation –



This is the second time that we have class observation in this semester. I understand that it is the final stage of educational program. Tuesday morning, contrary to the last raining observation, it was a sunny day, and I was really excited to visit Li Shan Senior High School. I have never been to Li Shan Senior High School, so I didn’t know the exactly position of it in Taipei city. Kurt, Pam, Sam and I almost got lost. Luckily, we met Jamie on the way to Li Shan, so she led us to there.


   My first impression to Li Shan Senior High School is beautiful, fresh, huge, and energetic. Everyone is passionate, no matter students or teachers. Alice reminded us that the design of the campus is just like a maze, so we may get lost in the campus, if we didn’t ask others directions. At first, I thought Alice was exaggerating, but she wasn’t. The campus was really too huge to identify the directions.


The First English Class Observation – 109


Whole Language Leaning


   I was really impressed by the whole language learning in Li Shan Senior High. In order to make students learn under the English speaking circumstances, all English teachers here have to conduct their lesson in English. In Taiwan, this is not a east task for teachers, because some teachers do not have correct and pure accent and they are afraid that students may not understand. However, the English teachers in Li Shan are with excellent speaking ability and not only their pronunciation, but intonation is so great to make me astonish. This July, I will become student teacher in 復興實驗中小學,and the teachers here also conduct their lesson not only in English class, but other subjects, such as science and history. Of course that is a challenge for me, but I will not be afraid. Alice used to say on the class that “all we – teachers have to do is to progress and update everyday.”


   Today, we had two class observations. The first class was 109, conducted by Miss , and another class is 209, conducted by Miss. First of all, I would like to share my reflection about class 109. Because of the progressing of technology, we could see lots computers, DVD players, and soft wares are increasingly updating. More and more teachers are implementing technologies into their teaching. Sometimes, this brand new way of teaching also creates more imaginations and creativities for students. In class 109, I saw that Miss combined technology with authentic materials. By playing the video of discovery that teacher use the daily materials to arouse students’ learning interest.


   In the beginning of the class, teacher also raised the example of the mystery legend of China and Egypt. Some students were familiar to these legends, so they were excited to answer the questions; however, some were still shy to speak out.

In class 109, I saw the interaction between the teacher and students. Because this was the language class, communication played important role and by speaking English, students not only trained their reading, but speaking and listening.


   The lesson went smoothly; however, some students seem not to get involved into the class. Teacher worked hard to have conversation with students, but some students were not willing to open their mouths. Maybe this is the shortcoming of whole language class. Although now, whole language teaching is a trend in Taiwan, however, the unequal leaning baseline is still a problem for students to learn. Some students who have great baseline on English will like to speak out, while some who don’t learn well will be shy to speak, and there is also a problem of language ego. Some students would be afraid of making errors, so they would rather keep silence than make errors. In this case, I think that teacher could encourage students not to be afraid of making errors, because they have to know this is just the process. 







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