Challenges Coming – The First Micro Teaching

      As the semester goes to the end, we are going to have the final challenges of micro teaching. Experience should be accumulated, and by observing our peers performance that we could elevate our ability and potential. I am that I still have to work harder to enhance and progress my English proficiency. Contrary to the peers from graduate school, their writing and speaking proficiency are the models that I need to learn and absorb. I am glad that we have such an exciting challenge in the end of the semester. In order to overcome this challenge, we have to control our anxiety and do 100% preparation of the lectures and materials. So, challenge ~! We are coming to confront you~!

     In today’s first micro teaching, lots teachers did their best to present the lesson, while some were nervous and anxious. I knew that all of them were willing to present the best part to every audience. I think that I am lucky, because I will present my lesson next week. Before my presentation, I have seen many different styles of lecturing and presenting, and I could absorb the advantages and avoid the shortcoming. Thanks for their first and brave demonstration for us. Among many teachings today, I am impressed by Grace and Kurt. I admire the diligence of Grace. No matter what kinds of assignment or task, she always releases 100% of her power and energy to finish her task. Today, grace also made the working sheet for us, and although her tone is serious and rigid, she puts the humorous parts in the material which make Pan and me laugh.  

     Although Kurt was late this morning, his performance was really energetic and brilliant~! Pam couldn’t stop laughing when Kurt raised some humorous examples. He will be a creative teacher in the future, I believe. Because form his presentation that we all could see this lesson was not monotone any more, but there are lots of elements in this lesson, such as, group competing, interaction with students and sentence practicing. The most impressed was that although many elements were in the lesson, we still could see the focus of the lesson. Kurt did the review and summary of the lesson by graphic organizer. When there is laughing on the class, it means the lesson is really successful. Congratulations ~! Kurt.
    Besides the performance of Grace and Kurt, I also learn some experience form Leo, Stanley, Shella, Samantha, and Marylin. Some of them use visual aids and hand outs, and others use traditional way to explain the grammar. They also have advantages. But Alice mentioned the important point today – We have to put the focus on one part in twenty minutes, or our audience or students would get lost in the lesson. When students couldn’t find the focus and the point, they may lose the motivation to continue to listen the lessons.
Hope I could have good luck next wewk

PEACE & LOVE    Oscar


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