Lesson Plan – Oscar Lien


UNIT 11 – The Long-Haired Spirit and The Tao


  50 minutes


Students’ Background Knowledge: After three lessons for the unit eleven, students could totally comprehend the meaning of the article, and could use idioms and vocabularies in the correct way.

From affective aspect, students could understand the importance of balance between human and the nature. 

Lesson Goal: This is the fourth class for Unit 11, and we will review the plot and the summary of the article together. There will be two working sheets for students. One is for the summary, and the other is for sentence practicing. After this lesson, students could

(1)   Complete the working sheet – summary with peers.

(2)   Share their feelings about protecting environment with peers.

(3)   Enhance their ability of organizing information.


(1)   working sheet (summary / Graphic Organizer)

(2)   working sheet (for home work)

(3)   Text book

The opening

(a) Introduce what we are going to teach today.


(b) Ask students’ feeling about environment protecting


(c) Ask students to express their feeling about this lesson


The Body

(a) Start to review Unit 11

 Working sheet I

(b) Teacher start to use graphic organizer to summarize the article, and ask students questions at the same time


(c) After finishing the summarizing, teacher would divide students into different groups



(d) Students start to discuss the working sheet, and complete the chart.

[Teacher walks around the class, and observe if any one has any problems.]


(e) After the discussing, teacher would ask the questions on the chart


(f) Deliver working sheet II for students and instruct the sentence pattern : would rather…. than….


Working sheet II

(g) Ask students to discuss the ways to protect environment by using the sentence pattern of “would rather… than…”


The Closure

(a) Give the students the assignment – paint the future earth.


(b) Summarize what we have learned today.









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