★ Just Paint IT…

gives me power which make me crazily use my imagination to a great extent
I can say that I like images; I like ppatings, and I like to create
Although I am not an Art Design Major, I am still trying and working to maximize my potential.  
Still remenber the first icon which made me want to paint is Mickey Mouse. For a five years old child, everyday, after dinner, my dad would drew Mickey for me, and I “GUESS” this might be the mitivation that I like to paint and hand made some tiny stuffs. My first painting, I still keep it. although is looks a big mass and terribel, it is still memorable. And you might know what I drew about my first pating
– A purple Mickey Mouse.-
It’s always a regret to me that I didn’t study for graphic design four years ago. I told myself that English is essential in the future carrer. Indeed, I actually enhance my English 031.jpgability (so, I could write a long English composition, ha ha)
Since I was in junior high, I’d strated my creation. ALthough at the beginging thay were not so completely, and they looked awful and weird, I still worked hard to make them”lovely” and”cute”. Most of my morks, I arranged them in a prtfoilo, and the other I gave them to my friends as gifts. Some times, my mom couldn’t understand what  I am painting aobut, and she may even critizes my works, but her “precious ” comments make me work hader and paint harder. The most motives (up pic 08.02.27) I paint are from the encouragements of my classmates and friends. Because of their support, I could be myself and still walk on. Most time, I use watercolr pencils and soft pastles to paint. Sometimes, after I finish  my work, I would use photoimpact to add some special effects, change its color and make some modiftications
So, what’s the next step of my painting plan? The answer is continually painting, painting and painting~! If you want to check my porfoilo, you could check my on-line portfolio.
  (up pic 2005 Spring on the class)

The new series of works – Small Doll Figures

from 2008.March


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