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FeedBack for today’s lesson

Thanks for all the comments.

I know that I am really nervous. I think that I prepare well, but I just couldn’t control my nerve. I know there are still lots things for me to improve and learn, especially for the time managing, and activity arranging, and of course, the pronounciation. I will push myself, and keep improving, and hope that I will be better and better in the future.

I am looking forward to the teacher micro teaching exam this sunday in LeeShan Senior High.

 🙂 🙂 🙂

Microteaching Feedback Form


Teacher: Oscar


    Date:  2008. 6. 10       






Teaching materials: San-min Book 2 Unit 11


How did the teacher start the lesson? Did the teacher state the intended lesson objectives clearly? Did the teacher keep students informed of lesson procedures and activities in the beginning?



Remind students of the materials/textbooks they should have

Warm-up activity: Pray and think about environment/nature (brainstorm and Q&A)

Review the main idea of the lesson

Preview the reading



List of main learning activities in the time order. Identify the sequence (sub-activities) and mark the patterns of interaction in each learning activity.


¨          Sequencing (such as presentation, practice, production or pre-reading, while- reading, post reading)

Warm-up, preview the lesson, worksheet I (summary of the story, individual/pair), Worksheet II (pattern exercises, individual/pair), Activity III (paint the earth)

¨          Patterns of interaction (teacher-led /individual work / pair work / group work)
The lesson is a mix of teacher-led and student-centered approach, although the teacher tries to involved students in discussions.

¨         Pacing: time allocated to each learning activity; time management
The lesson goes smoothly.


How did the teacher end the lesson? Was there any evaluation of the lesson? Did the teacher give any summary of the lesson or assignment to the students?

Giving assignment in the end

Announcing the learning activities in the next session.

Feedback Qs

1.          Do you think the extra activity necessary?

2.          How do you find my micro-teaching? Is there anything I can do to improve it?


1.      Mind the pronunciation of the word “Character”

2.      I don’t quite follow the first activity in the warm-up part (protect environment: sympathy, consideration and cherishing)? Where does the idea come from? Is it a review activity?

3.      If I were you, I would use a map/chart and ask the students to look for the information on their own and fill in the information individually before guiding them to find what the story is about.

4.      When using the board, you might need to have a “map” in mind so as to keep the information organized.

5.      Pause a bit longer when you assign work to students. It all goes too fast.

6.      It’s very good that you always interact with students, giving them questions to think about.

7.      It’s good you integrate a previously-learned sentence pattern into the exercises in Worksheet II.

8.      The questions for “Painting Time” should be “What will the earth be like in 10 years.”



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Lesson Plan – Oscar Lien


UNIT 11 – The Long-Haired Spirit and The Tao


  50 minutes


Students’ Background Knowledge: After three lessons for the unit eleven, students could totally comprehend the meaning of the article, and could use idioms and vocabularies in the correct way.

From affective aspect, students could understand the importance of balance between human and the nature. 

Lesson Goal: This is the fourth class for Unit 11, and we will review the plot and the summary of the article together. There will be two working sheets for students. One is for the summary, and the other is for sentence practicing. After this lesson, students could

(1)   Complete the working sheet – summary with peers.

(2)   Share their feelings about protecting environment with peers.

(3)   Enhance their ability of organizing information.


(1)   working sheet (summary / Graphic Organizer)

(2)   working sheet (for home work)

(3)   Text book

The opening

(a) Introduce what we are going to teach today.


(b) Ask students’ feeling about environment protecting


(c) Ask students to express their feeling about this lesson


The Body

(a) Start to review Unit 11

 Working sheet I

(b) Teacher start to use graphic organizer to summarize the article, and ask students questions at the same time


(c) After finishing the summarizing, teacher would divide students into different groups



(d) Students start to discuss the working sheet, and complete the chart.

[Teacher walks around the class, and observe if any one has any problems.]


(e) After the discussing, teacher would ask the questions on the chart


(f) Deliver working sheet II for students and instruct the sentence pattern : would rather…. than….


Working sheet II

(g) Ask students to discuss the ways to protect environment by using the sentence pattern of “would rather… than…”


The Closure

(a) Give the students the assignment – paint the future earth.


(b) Summarize what we have learned today.








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Challenges Coming – The First Micro Teaching

      As the semester goes to the end, we are going to have the final challenges of micro teaching. Experience should be accumulated, and by observing our peers performance that we could elevate our ability and potential. I am that I still have to work harder to enhance and progress my English proficiency. Contrary to the peers from graduate school, their writing and speaking proficiency are the models that I need to learn and absorb. I am glad that we have such an exciting challenge in the end of the semester. In order to overcome this challenge, we have to control our anxiety and do 100% preparation of the lectures and materials. So, challenge ~! We are coming to confront you~!

     In today’s first micro teaching, lots teachers did their best to present the lesson, while some were nervous and anxious. I knew that all of them were willing to present the best part to every audience. I think that I am lucky, because I will present my lesson next week. Before my presentation, I have seen many different styles of lecturing and presenting, and I could absorb the advantages and avoid the shortcoming. Thanks for their first and brave demonstration for us. Among many teachings today, I am impressed by Grace and Kurt. I admire the diligence of Grace. No matter what kinds of assignment or task, she always releases 100% of her power and energy to finish her task. Today, grace also made the working sheet for us, and although her tone is serious and rigid, she puts the humorous parts in the material which make Pan and me laugh.  

     Although Kurt was late this morning, his performance was really energetic and brilliant~! Pam couldn’t stop laughing when Kurt raised some humorous examples. He will be a creative teacher in the future, I believe. Because form his presentation that we all could see this lesson was not monotone any more, but there are lots of elements in this lesson, such as, group competing, interaction with students and sentence practicing. The most impressed was that although many elements were in the lesson, we still could see the focus of the lesson. Kurt did the review and summary of the lesson by graphic organizer. When there is laughing on the class, it means the lesson is really successful. Congratulations ~! Kurt.
    Besides the performance of Grace and Kurt, I also learn some experience form Leo, Stanley, Shella, Samantha, and Marylin. Some of them use visual aids and hand outs, and others use traditional way to explain the grammar. They also have advantages. But Alice mentioned the important point today – We have to put the focus on one part in twenty minutes, or our audience or students would get lost in the lesson. When students couldn’t find the focus and the point, they may lose the motivation to continue to listen the lessons.
Hope I could have good luck next wewk

PEACE & LOVE    Oscar


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[Assignment] Graphic Organizer

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Unit Seven – Students Interactional Pattern [video & reflection]

      When Kurt and I first discussed about the sketch of the presentation, we were really excited because this lesson – Interactional Patterns, because Kurt mentioned that we could use new way to present our lesson. In the previous weeks that most of our classmates used Power Point to to present the lesson; and this time we wouldn’t use power point but we will use video, poster, and stickers to perform. I really enjoyed in the preparation of the presentation, from the recording the video to editing the video and adding substitution. There was the motivation in my mind and I thought a good presentation didn’t need to cost lots time, but it could make its audience enjoy and really participate in the activites. I was really glad that I could have such a good partner like Kurt who is really creative. He always raises lots amazing and brilliant ideas. 

(This is the sample of the magnets)

    Kurt suggested that we could use video to make our presentation more interesting and clearly, and I suggested that by using magnets, our classmates could have more interaction wuth us. Since this  presentation was related to interaction, we thought many ways to enhance our communications as many as possible. To our amazement that our classmates were energetic and paasionate that they has great interaction when we had actibity one. Kurt asked volunteer from each group to show the ideal clasrrom seats arrangments by moving magnets. We heard lots creative responds from our classmates, and by this activity, we could that classmates really have actual interaction on the class, rather than sitting there and listening lectures.    

    In the third part of the presentation, we used demonstration video to help our classmates have further understanding about students interactional patterns, and I thought the video was really successful because when I saw the facial expression of our classmates, I was relieved. They were excited, happy, and enjoyable about the video. Thanks for the advice of Kurt that we could enhance our interaction by this video. In the futuire, technology implement on teaching will be more and more important. Sometimes, by these technolies, students could enhance their learning motivation, and teachers could have more alternatives and changes in thier teaching. However, it also has shortcoming for time consuming and the fixing problem. I still remenbered when the teacher from 復興實驗中小學 gave us speech, there were some problems about her CD, so she could use the power point. It may cause much time on fixing it, and teacher will not habe enough time on her teaching.


                                            This is the video of Unit Seven – and I put it on the Youtube

                                            Hope you could enjoy it  🙂 🙂 🙂


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First Class Observation in Long Man Junior High

up1.jpg(The painting left is for Mr. Young, cause I forget bring my camera, so I paint it for him.) First of all, I would like to say that it is really a beautiful experience for me, and it seems like a dream that students could study in such a beautiful campus. Thanks for Teacher Young’s tour guide, and his enthusiasm on teaching that gives us huge impression. Although it rained heavily this morning, it couldn’t extinguish our passion on today’s observation. Before I’ve heard Long Man Junior high school, but I have never been there, so I have never known that this campus is so brilliant, astonishing, and beautiful. We arrived there at 8:40 morning, and before we got into the campus, I saw the huge decoration in the playground.

    According to teacher young, there are five decoration arts in the campus, and he also introduced us to see these arts. To my amazement, this school is not just a school, but it’s almost like a museum.     

    After visiting the campus, we had a small discussion with teacher Young and teacher Hung. It is not easy to pass the Teachers Certificate Exam, so all we could do is work harder, and enhance our professional competence, so we could have more advantages to compete with others. Young said he had known that he wanted to be an English teacher since he was in College. He have accumulated lots of teaching experiences, such as being a tutor or working in cram school. Sometimes, it makes me wonder, if I could have such potential to do this? Although I am going to finish my credits in Educational Program, I still feel unsteady about this reality – to be a student teacher. Young also remained that we must have to enhance our language competence any time, cause this is the tool for us to compete and work. In the small discussion, I saw the optimistic, energetic and enthusiastic attitude of Young, and I was really touched by his teaching spirit. It also brought me some inspiration.         

    Next, we went to the school observation, and after going home, I made a list for class observation.


   In warm up, teacher and students have great interaction, and because the English teacher is also their home room teacher, it seems that teacher could control their emotion well. The interesting part is that teacher uses word cards, also known visual aids, to enhance students learning motivation. Teacher combines the words that students have learned and the new words. So, students could learn more confidently.

   Authentic language is also important, because it could make students have further understanding about what they are learning, so teacher also raise some authentic examples about vocabularies. Some daily life topics could raise students’ attention and learning motivation.

  Chain dill is also used by teacher. After introducing a new vocabulary, she will ask students to repeat with her. Students could also get familiar with new English words by repeating. Besides, it also gives students pronunciation practice.

     The main part of today’s lesson is grammar focus. Teacher uses text book and black board to introduce and explain grammar to students. After introducing, teacher call a student who is going fall asleep ask the question. This question is about “What they have learned in previous class.” This way not only could make students pay more attention, but also  arouse students’ previous knowledge. After introducing grammar, students start to practice the questions in the text book. After 3 minutes, teacher would ask students answer the questions by “game”.     It seems that every student has known the rule well, so they are willing to answer the question, and they answer “well”! Answering questions by game could loosen students’ tension and anxiety. When students practice grammar, teacher also walks around in the class to observe students and check if they have any problems. Because teacher introduces grammar step by step, so students could learn it well. I could also see positive reinforcement. When students have right answer, teacher will give them encouragement. However, if students have wrong answers, teacher also gives them positive feedback. 

   All in all, I see the excellent interaction and class management from today observation, and the last thing which remains me is that writing in black board is vital. Beautiful and neat writing will make students feel comfortable, and teachers also could teach well.  (FIN)

teacher-lin-quing.jpg  (Left  pic: Teacher Wu in the class / confident and smart)


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Preview Question about CH.3 Focus on the Learners

 00.jpg In this chpater, we are going to discuss about the learning belifs of second language leaners and the learning strategies. Last week, we have known the beliefs of teachers could effect the teaching schedules and process. This week, the issue recall the theme of last week – students’ beliefs. I think the interesting part in this chapter is that cultural difference is the crucial reason for students to learn second language. This text book provides an interesting comparasion of the students who come from Spain and Chinese have totally diffrent attitude on learning English. For the Chinese students who learn English in the U.S., they couldn’t figure out what the main points of teaching, beause there are too many activities in the class; however, on the other hand, for the students come from Spain, they may could get use to this teaching. Also, for many foriegners who would like to learn Chenese feel bored about simple routine of teaching. No interaction, no games, and no conversation in the class make them bored to dead.    


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