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Question 2: What strategies will you use to make your teaching more effective and meaninful

  001.jpg From my point of view, I think by using visual aids and teaching with humanistic approach could enhance studens’ leaning interests. Throgh the material, such as video, interacting DVD and word cards, teacher can stinulate students’ learning motive and make them want to get into the learning. I paticipated in teaching group last summer and this winter vacation, in which I used interactive DVD to teach elementary students. For them, English leaning is not just so monotonous, but it could be fun and interest.

   The humanistic approach is also important on English leaning, because it could involve in affective domain. If teachers just ask student to remenber and repeat English, but not to consider students feeling, they may lose their motives on leaning.  The meaningful leaning is also an vital concapet when teachers instruct students. We have to let students understand why they are leaning this and waht benifis and advantages they could get from leaning. Contrary to meaningful learning, instructing in monotonous way may get students confused on what they are doing.

   So, in my opinion, visual aids, humanistic approach and meaningful learning are three main effective strategies I would like to use in my future teaching.


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Question 1: Which of these approaches do you hope will have more influence on your teaching in future

022.jpgAccording to my title – the most effective methodology of English teaching

It sounds like a dream that poeple could find the most efficient way to teach non – native speaker English. As a matter of fact that there is not the “most” effective way to turn a non- native speaker into a native speaker. If really exists, experts, professors, and scholars would not work so hard to design and search English methodology.

 I spent almost 1 year from last summer to this Febuary  going to cram school to learn English Methodolgy for preparing graduate school. The teacher noted us variety of English Methodology, and she also introduced the different trend of different generation; from pre-hisorical Method which included GTM to 70 ‘s Designer’s method in which we could see SW, STR & TPR to the Mainstream nowadays – Communicative Approaches.  From my points of view, each method and approach have their own unique way to teach language; however, they are not the denifitiely effective way promising students can become native speaker as soon as possible. For example, Grammar Translation method empjasuzes on the grammar and translation which makes students suffer from memorizing the endless list of vocabularies and abstract rules. On the practical aspects, thay may not use these boring rule o often. Besides students may lose thier motiation bacause of lacking connection with real-life. 

In the future, I might combine the advanges of different kind of approaches and methods. For example I would like to use the contexualized and personalized materials ( from Direct Method) to enhance students interst in leaning. The chain drill from Audio-Lingulalism can make students get used to the conversation (but not to use so often to lose the interest). Among this approach, I especially prefer to Communicative Appraoch, because of the interaction, meaningful learning and humanistic principles. Besides form  considering the influence of approaches, we should also nice students’ affective reactions on learning.  

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