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Oscar / TaipeiThis might be the cliche, but these are what I want to talk about.

Whenever we first create a blog, we always have to write some things about ourselves,  and the thing that I write might be the cliche. Maybe I wouldn’t say that I am the dedicated and deligent student and teacher to-be, but I would say that I am a person who is always need and wait for learing.  The college life is going to the end, with the sentimental feeling, Ithere is a thinking in my mind,”What is the most important thing I want to do after the graduating?” I am always searching the goal of my lives, and it seems that I just couldn’t find it. I am still trying to  find the direction after the graduation. It’s a trend to go to graduate school, but as what I could see many people just go for the diploma, but because  they are really interest in the fields thay are studying. It’s ironic the new shows that almost 100% students could get into the collge, but their professinal skills are not enough to handel the professional knowlege. So, the problem is they do not figure waht they are want to do. People always like to follow the trend.

I major in English and minor in Educational Program, so it seeems that my future carrer might be an English teacher in the junior high school or language institute, but as a matter of fact, my prefer carrer in the future is design. I can’t forget the moment when I tell my parents that my dream is to study design and go abroad for leaning Graphic Design. It seems an impractical fantasy for them. Indeed, from the aspect of the traditional Chinese parents, they would hope their children find a steady and safe work, such as govern-ment employee. However, I always understand this is not the thing I want. I didn’t figure out the most important I wnat to do until junior in TKU. The first two years in TKU, I have learned the knowledge of English literature, vocbiu-laries and phrases. Now, I could divided English and design into two parts. English is the essential and vital ability for me to accumulate the experience for my future.  Design is just my dream and my favorite thing.

It’s really hard to strike the balance between my favorite and my major. I always tell myself that I have choosen the wrong way that I should major in Adversting or Graphic Design department. This might be the irresponsible saying, but pouring it out will make myself comfortable. I know that English is essential, but not the promise for the future career. Enhancing my ability is the thing that I am going to do.

After the military service, I would prepare myself to go for Colleges of Art London. I would not just make it a dream, but realize it. Before that, I have lots thing to do. I do not know if I will be a teacher in the future, and it’s hard to say that I will dedicate in the art filed after ten tears, but the most signi-ficant thing is cherish what I’ve had, and enjoy the Life.

                                                             C’est la vie! 


  • OscarLien    Twenty-three years old   Male
  • Blood Type is O     Tarus Boy
  • Now major in TKU English Department, and minor in Educatonal Program
  • My favorite street in Taipei is Chung-Xiao East Road
  • My favorite singer: Beyonce’ & Christina Aguilera
  • My Principle of teaching(Cliche’): Love and patience (suppose to be like that…) 
  • My Dress Code: as comfortable as possible (plus with fashion)
  • The people I respect: I am searching for.
  • The Plan I am going to realize: Finish collge credits,  student teacher in 復興實驗國中部, exam of IELTS, and fly>>> to LONDON


Teaching and Working Experience

  • 2005 – summer 
  • Cram school teacher in 來得安親班
  • 2006 – Spring
  • English Teacher Assistant in 國譽 teachign Institute
  • 2006 – fall ~ 2007 – summer
  • Part time job in Educational Collge of TKU
  • 2007 – summer ~ fall
  • Adult Conversation Tutor
  • 2007 summer  Teaching Group of 澎湖
  • 澎湖七美教學團
  • 2008 Spring Teaching Group of 彰化
  • 小小勇士闖長安國小



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  1. 1

    Pamela said,

    hi there~
    I’ve never thought that you are such interesting person!
    Great to meet you^____^
    and don’t call me “momo” tyan, thanks a lot!

  2. 2

    oscarlen13 said,

    ha ha
    Thanks, and I like your ideas on the blog. I could understand your opinions and thoughts.
    “Connect students interest with leaning” — ” TOYOTA & English”

  3. 3

    Alice said,

    I really like the presentation in your blog. It not only shows your personal tastes but also presents your IT literacy. Well done.

  4. 4

    47f5a3cbda said,



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